We will receive personal move items from other 3rd party moving companies. We will also receive product or merchandise from freight carriers. We have the right to refuse terribly damaged product with images/photos, and proper lines of communication to the original vendor and claim an item as freight damage.


We will use photography, and physically inspect product and merchandise for what we would consider normal imperfections. The designer/owner will be contacted with all images and damage information. We will review “best methods” for any touch up or repairs if that is a solution and all parties agree.


We will professionally store your personal belongings and new product and merchandise in our storage facility. We have the right to refuse storage to any product that is not aligned with our professional services or could cause damage/harm to our staff. For example, we can thoughtfully decline receiving of property value beyond our comfort level. Or we will suggest and request you carry personal insurance on extremely high valued products.


We custom designed a website program with a smart coding application for proper identification to track and store. The program allows you a Login and Password to track and follow your received products, view images of the received item(s), view any issues and/or notes related to damage, etc. We inspect products upon receiving and we will store appropriately in your Vault location. The Design Vault will ensure the safety and organization of your product until the time is needed to release and deliver to your destination.

Professional Receiving
& Luxury Transport

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